ETBA & China Time Qingdao Photography exhibition together with the Hamburg Maritime Museum, I would like to extend a sincere invitation to the vast number of environmental protection enthusiasts and photographers in the country, hoping that through this “green Qingdao” photography competition, let Germany, let Europe, let the world, know the new Qingdao, Also know China’s environmental protection cause to pay hard work and achieve good harvest. [View Details]
During the 2018 IE Expo Shanghai Ring Expo, the ETBA Environmental Business Association and the Energy Environment will jointly host a business exchange on the theme “2018 Shanghai Ring Expo get 2 Gether” during the business meeting of IE Expo Shanghai Ring Expo. [View Details]
Field Trip: Germany’s largest soil restoration project, Kesslergrube, gives you a deep understanding of the classic project for soil restoration in Germany. Learn about engineering management methods for large-scale soil restoration projects in Germany, field visits to advanced soil remediation techniques, and the use of equipment, the Association of German laws and regulations with this project, and many other information. [View Details]
The first Chinese and German student job training was based on the theme of Lauder, an international student in Germany. To provide participants with a platform for the exchange of experience in German job search, especially in the field of environmental protection in Germany to introduce the German environmental protection industry employment channels and direction.   [View Details]